Restoring The Balance

Restoring the Balance is a trauma-informed program founded on traditional Indigenous values, teachings, and ways of healing to provide holistic support.

Access to Medicine & Medicine Picking

To help support our community with their spiritual needs, we try to have on hand the four sacred medicines:

    • Tobacco
    • Sage
    • Cedar
    • Sweet Grass

Teachings & medicine picking trips happen throughout spring, summer & fall.

Four women smiling at the camera sitting on the ground holding sage they just picked.


  • Every Friday morning
  • 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM
  • Drop in program open to all women

 We have a great volunteer to help you out or if you have skills we would love to see them.


Full Moon Ceremony

  • Women’s Ceremony
  • Every month with Melvin Moar as Fire Keeper
  • Bring your own skirt & food to share at the feast
  • Yellow cloth & tobacco will be provided for your prayers. If you have, please bring your own. 

Seasonal Ceremonies
Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, Fall Equinox, Winter Solstice

These seasonal ceremonies are a way of obtaining and maintaining harmony with the natural world. And typically involve pipe, prayer and feast. For humans to live in health, happiness, and harmony, they must be in tune with the continually changing world around them.

Check the calendar of events to find out when the next ceremony will be.
We also plan trips to the sweat lodge and will occasionally help with vigils and letting go.

Elder and Knowledge Keeper supports

While we are not counsellors we do have great listening ears and are always honored to pray with our community. And if we can’t help, we can certainly find you someone that can.

Family Violence Prevention

Through Red Road to Healing and Men’s Circle we hope to help families heal from family violence and prevent violence before it happens.

These programs have been developed to educate folks to identify and deal with violent behaviours in a better and safe way. Through recognizing the signs of abuse, stress and anger management, how to make a safety plan for yourself and your loved ones, how to recognize what your feeling and communicate in a good way. As well as what and how to get safe if you find yourself in a bad situation. These things are all done with an Indigenous lens through ceremony and teachings.

The next Red Road to Healing starts June 13 and and takes place every Monday and Wednesday evening for 1 month. 

Red Road to Healing is recognized by the Federal Department of Justice as a national best practice. 

Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls

Restoring the Balance stands with and supports the community women and MMIWG families. We do our best to be at all events to show support as well as offer education and knowledge sharing to help keep each other safe and raise awareness. We are committed to implementing the Calls for Justice from the National Inquiry into MMIWG. You can read our statement on the National Inquiry for more.

Truth & Reconciliation

We do our best to hold ourselves and our organization accountable to our TRC commitments and make sure that the community we work with is knowledgeable and practices to the best of their ability to implement the TRC is a good way. Read our latest report back on our TRC commitments.


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