Gender-Based Violence Support

Are you experiencing difficulties with your partner?
Do you need help finding a safe space?
Do you have challenges related to any kind of abuse?

If you need someone to talk, we are here for you. Everyone has the right to be free and safe. The Gender-Based Violence (GBV) program supports women to get the help they need to heal and rebuild their lives. If you have or are still experiencing an abusive relationship or gender-based violence of any kind, our caseworker can help you to develop a safety plan, build confidence, access your legal rights and obtain the social services and supports you need.  *PR and non-PR holders are welcome!

Connect with a Gender-Based Violence Case Worker:

Community Development – Settlement, Newcomers & Immigrants

Jo Salazar (she/her/they/them)
Phone: 204-774-8975 ext. 220

Strengthening The Circle – Indigenous, Métis, Inuit

Elizabeth McMechan (she/her)
Phone: 204-774-8975 ext. 224

Gender-based violence presents itself in many forms and feelings. Violence can be committed by intimate partners, strangers, clients, one’s children or one’s parents. Violence may come as an unexpected event, and/or be the result of long-term manipulation and generational abuses. No situation mirrors another, and I seek to provide survivor-centered & trauma-informed support and safety plans to the participants I work with.

My role as the Gender-Based Violence Case Worker is to provide well-rounded, 1-on-1 support through filing protection orders, accompanying participants to court dates, arranging safe housing/emergency shelter, and acting as a supportive figure who can listen and provide direction through the process of care and recovery following a violent incident. I intend to create a safe and welcoming environment, surrounded by the resiliency and strength of the trauma-informed violence prevention program, Strengthening the Circle, which is also the home of a Trauma Counsellor, Family Support Worker, and Cultural Support Workers here at West Central Women’s Resource Centre.

My educational background is in Women and Gender Studies and Criminology, and I have learned a great deal from work experience in the Manitoba Court System, my time leading the Drop-In Team at WCWRC, and personal, lived encounters with gender-based violence.

If you or someone you know is experiencing gender-based violence, don’t hesitate to reach out using my listed contact information or dropping by the centre during open hours.

Healing Together: Fostering Safe, Strong Families

The Healing Together program aims to enhance newcomer well-being with an emphasis on preventing and healing from intimate partner violence (IPV) and experiences of post-conflict gender-based violence. This program supports women who are permanent residents through one-on-one counselling and a women’s wellness group that considers the cultural diversity and specific needs of newcomer women.

One-on-One Counselling

A private conversation with the counsellor, where you can share some of the challenges you are experiencing. The counsellor will be able to support you in finding solutions.

Women’s Wellness Group (once a week for 10 weeks)

Group conversations with a counsellor and other women. You have a chance to make new friends and be in a safe place to share your story with each other, and talk about different ways you can overcome the challenges in your life. 

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