Mission & Vision 


WCWRC empowers women and gender diverse people, and their community, to move
from where they are to where they want to be, by providing responsive programming,
facilitating knowledge sharing and connection, and contributing to culture shift and policy


A thriving community that is equitable and peaceful, where the knowledge and experience of women and
gender-diverse people is valued and respected – recognizing that we
cannot build it without first having the courage to imagine it.


We work toward achieving our vision using a Person-Centred Approach, informed by the
lived experience of the women and gender-diverse people in our community. We also use
the following to guide our work, words and actions:

Empowerment Framework

A capacity-building framework following the 4-steps of empowerment:

Breaking Social Isolation > Networking > Awareness > Action

Inclusion Framework

 We value and celebrate our community’s rich diversity of identities and perspectives.

We strive to foster a culture of belonging and work to advance equity within the centre and the wider community. 

Harm Reduction

Taking steps to reduce harm in people’s lives by valuing where they are and helping them move to a place of less harm.

Multi-level Approach 

Working simultaneously in many spheres – the individual, family, community and systemic.

Community Economic Development

Supporting local goods, services, investment, employment, decision-making and skill building while promoting neighbourhood sustainability, human dignity and the environment.
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