Childminding Services

Happy Sprouts Childminding Service began in 2007 as the Childminding Program of the West Central Women’s Resource Centre. Since then, we have trained over 200 women to provide short-term, quality childcare and created employment opportunities for women living in Winnipeg’s Inner City. The program currently offers part-time employment opportunities to 10-15 childminders, and occasional childcare for over 20 hiring agencies.

Happy Sprouts benefits community organizations, learning institutions and others by supplying reliable childminding services for workshops, programming, meetings and other gatherings. The availability of casual childcare assists local residents and families access services, programming and gatherings. 

Our Commitment

We are committed to providing high-quality casual childcare for organizations, businesses and daycares while creating employment and training opportunities for women living in the inner city.

To request more information, contact:

Wendy Kissick, Childminding Coordinator
204-774-8975 ext. 223

Why choose our childminders?

Our childminders provide safe, fun & interactive care for children. 

    • They’ve successfully completed our Taking Root training
    • Have an understanding of childhood development and play-based learning

    • Are First Aid/CPR Certified

    • Have Clear Criminal Record & Child Abuse Registry Checks

    • Provide fun, nurturing and supportive care 

Perfect for community gatherings, staff training, conferences, worship services, retreats & workshops. You can feel at ease knowing your child is in good hands. 

Please get in touch with us for rates and availability.

I like knowing that I have easy access to trained and vetted child care workers.

Hiring Agency, 2015

[The Childminders] are calm, caring and smiling women who we appreciate providing positive and healthy care to children in our centre. They are so welcoming to parents and children.

Hiring Agency, 2015

Training & Employment

To request more information, contact:

Wendy Kissick, Childminding Coordinator
204-774-8975 ext. 223

Taking Root is a one-year work experience program for women who want to work in childcare. Participants complete 10 days of free training then work as part-time childminders with our Happy Sprouts Childminding Services.

Training Topics

  • Childhood development theory

  • The importance of play

  • Guiding techniques

  • Customer service

  • Inclusion & Diversity

  • Indigenous Teachings & History

  • First Aid/CPR

  • Food Handler Certification

  • Interpersonal skills

  • Conflict resolution

The Program currently offers casual employment opportunities to an average of 30 childminders and provides safe, fun and interactive care for children for over 40 community agencies.

Each year, 12 women are selected for our Taking Root Childminding Training.

Please attend our free information sessions to learn more about the training, ask questions, and receive tips on filling out the application. 

Friday, April 29th @ 10 AM via Zoom
Thursday, May 5th @ 1 PM via in-person or Zoom

Contact to register.

Applications are now open for the July/August intake

  • Priority will be given to women who live in the inner-city

  • Benchmark 4 and up is recommended 
  • Please include a copy of your resume if you have one
  • Deadline for applications is May 20th @ 4 PM

I learn Canadian way how we work and deal with kids. How we playing with them and also I understand the children’s value.

Childminder, 2015

I met many friends and I am understanding more. I am meeting Canadians and immigrants too. I ask questions when I don’t understand and people help me. It will help me get a job because it adds to my resume.

Childminder, 2015

I feel comfortable, I get support when I need it and I am a staff at the Centre.That makes me feel I belong a good place in this community.

Childminder, 2015

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