Hopeful Beginnings

In 1999 the Women’s Empowerment Project kickstarted as a 3-year pilot project in response to the high number of women in the neighbourhood living in poverty. The project created a safe place for women to access resources and participate in programs to improve their lives.


The Centre

By 2001, the project evolved into the West Central Women’s Resource Centre. The Centre offers various supports and services to the whole community while also being guided and informed by women living in our neighbourhood.

front of WCWRC building: Green building with purple awning and mural and trees on east side.

In over 20 years, WCWRC has grown from one staff member and a handful of programs to over 40 staff members and many programs centred around support, healing, and building community.

A sincere thank you goes out to those who were at the beginning of WCWRC’s journey ♥

The women who shared a vision and turned it into reality

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