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Board Director, Obiageli Olubunmi-Davies, showing excitement for the WCWRC Settlement Program

Words from Obiageli Olubunmi-Davies

Board Director, Proud Donor & Canadian Immigrant

I want all women to have hope and confidence.

I want all women to have the opportunities I have.

I want to ensure Newcomer Services continue.

What’s your reason for giving?

We need your support today to ensure our newcomer services continue! As an immigrant to Canada myself, I understand what it feels like to be alone, confused, without community and without help.My family decided to fully relocate to Canada from Nigeria in 2016. I felt so many emotions as we sat at the airport waiting for our flight. I was leaving the entire life I had known behind. I felt sad, I was worried and afraid. However, I was excited my two children would grow up in a better environment. And I was hopeful that my sick child would have access to good medical care that would give him a chance to stay alive.It took a lot of courage to decide to move, and I was ready – or, so I thought.

Two weeks after arrival, I realized I was not ready for this new place. There was so much to learn and adjust to. 

Life as a new immigrant can be lonely, confusing, and overwhelming especially for a woman with children. The need for care, community, support, supplies, encouragement, counselling and direction on how to navigate life was huge. It was a struggle and it was hard. We were very lucky, though. We found a community that constantly provided support and shared their knowledge with us so I could adjust to my new home.It has been 5 years of growth. I obtained certification and am enjoying working as a procurement strategist. My children are doing very well and getting the medical care they need. I have bigger dreams and aspirations that I am actively pursuing. I’m able to do that because I have the resources and support that I need to achieve them.

But it hasn’t been easy, and it can be even more challenging for others.

Board Director, Obiageli Olubunmi-Davies, sharing her culture and personal immigrant story
Personal letter written by a WCWRC Newcomer participant detailing her immigration and newcomer story

A story from a transgender newcomer woman who fled her country because of war and persecution based on her identity. Then in Canada, found herself in complete isolation. For her safety, we cannot provide names, but you will get to know her through her personal letter.

With your help, she was able to move from hopelessness to connection and confidence through the WCWRC Newcomer Services Program.  I thank her for her courage and determination. When she first came to WCWRC in 2018 she did not understand English and was crying every night. Now, she is in a place to share her journey in her own words, which you can read here.

Devastatingly, her experience is all-too-common that we must – and can – ensure other women don’t have to endure. 


An update on WCWRC’s Current Newcomer Program

  • There is a waitlist of women waiting to access these crucial services (waiting lists don’t help anyone)
  • There are only 2 Settlement Workers 
  • Without your support, we cannot maintain both of these positions next year 

Federal funding for the program ended last year and we simply had to keep supporting women in such vulnerable and difficult times of their lives. This was only possible because of donations from you, and others like you.

To keep both settlement workers who can work one-on-one with women and families to ensure their success takes $76,000 more.

Will you help keep the Newcomer Program running?

When I give to WCWRC, I know I am supporting the courage and determination of thousands of women struggling against all odds to build better lives. I also know that when women become strong, stable, and confident, our entire community benefits.

Together, we can ensure every woman receives the help they want and need.
Together, we can create meaningful and lasting change.

Thank you so much for caring about women in our community.


Obiageli Olubunmi-Davies
Proud Donor
Board Member
Immigrant to Canada

Donate $122 and provide a one-on-one session with a Settlement Worker
for newcomer women

Your gift will immediately help women and their families in our community

It takes $75,000+
to fund 2 Settlement Workers
and the Newcomer Program

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