National Indigenous Peoples Day is June 21st. This day is for recognizing and celebrating the many cultures and contributions of the Indigenous peoples of Canada. It is a time for reflection, education, and action about Indigenous past, present, and the future.

We have compiled a list of activities and resources which will help you in celebrating and supporting our Indigenous community.


Immerse Yourself in Manitoba Indigenous Art

List of Manitoba Artists: 

Local Galleries Showcasing Indigenous Art:

Urban Shaman
290 McDermot Ave 

Canadian Plains Gallery Inc
181 Higgins Ave   

Mentoring Artists for Women’s Art
611 Main St    

Creeations & Artists Showcase
586 Main St 

Teekca’s Aboriginal Boutique
1 Forks Market Rd · In The Forks 

Winnipeg Art Gallery
300 Memorial Blvd 

Gallery 1C03
515 Portage Ave · Near Southbound Vaughan at Portage North 

Plug In Institute of Contemporary Art
460 Portage Ave #1 · Near the University of Winnipeg 

Jackie Traverse (Artist)
209-63 Albert St · In Hammond Building

Neeginan Centre (Aboriginal Centre Of Winnipeg Inc (ACWI))
181 Higgins Ave 

Listen to Indigenous Music

Top 10 Indigenous Musicians: 

Watch an Indigenous movie 

20 Essential North American Indigenous Movies: 

Read an Indigenous book 

108 Indigenous Writers to Read  

Order food from a local Indigenous restaurant

Cookem Daisey’s 
761 Westminster Ave,
(204) 981-6119 

Aboriginal fusion (food truck)

Feast Café Bistro
587 Ellice Ave, (204) 691-5979 

Perfect Place Café
541 Selkirk Ave, (204) 582-1728 

Neeginan Centre Restaurant
181 Higgins Ave, (204) 989-6605  

Support Our Indigenous Community

Advocate for Indigenous Rights

Non-Indigenous people must be actively engaged in calling for change across Canada. You can do this by writing a letter to your federal and provincial government representatives, calling for a forensic and independent search of all residential school properties for graves so that the children can be returned home. You can also call for them to provide clean running water to all Indigenous communities now.


Donate to an Indigenous Organization

You can also support the following organizations, who provide ongoing trauma support to survivors of residential schools and ongoing colonial laws, policies and institutions and work to heal the intergenerational trauma that it has caused.

Support an Indigenous business

Aboriginal Chamber of Commerce listings:

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