Help Women Be Free & Safe from Violence

At West Central Women’s Resource Centre, everyone has a safe space to heal and rebuild their lives. Our Gender-Based Violence (GBV) program supports folks in getting the help they need. Whether that means having someone to talk to, developing a safety plan, building confidence, accessing legal rights or obtaining social services. We are here to help rebuild their lives and support them on their healing journey.

“The GBV program gives hope to find a better future”

We provide support for all women and gender-diverse folks. Case Workers are in place to provide one-on-one support for women by filing protection orders, coordinating court dates, and arranging safe housing or emergency shelters. They are also here to just listen and provide caring guidance through the process of recovery.

No situation mirrors another, which is why we have 2 Gender-Based Violence Case Workers who specialize in:

  • Strengthening The Circle – Indigenous, Metis & Inuit
  • Community Development – Settlement, Newcomers & Immigrants, regardless of status

We  also offer services in Spanish, Arabic, Yoruba and Filipino for GBV victims. And when needed, we are able to get interpretation for other languages.

This ensures everyone in our community will have their voice heard and receive the cultural support and understanding they seek.

We need your help to continue shining the light for those fleeing violence.

We have had many folks walk through our doors who have been in a state of hopelessness, but through our support system and welcoming community, they have been able to find the courage to heal and achieve independence. Today, many are business owners, teachers, mentors, case workers, and more!

Through their healing journey with us, they have created a safer and more stable life for themselves, their children, and their families.

WCWRC is committed to helping those fleeing violence to navigate the legal system, recover from a violent incident, or find affordable housing. We hope that our support and resources will always be available.

But there are still many women waiting to access these crucial services.

Right now,  we’re facing a crisis affecting women from all cultures, with all levels of education and socio-economic circumstances. Thousands of women in Winnipeg continue to live with violence because they do not yet have the support they need to leave. Being on a waiting list can have devastating consequences.

Gender-based violence is a complex social issue that requires complex, multi-level solutions. We want to ensure we continue to maintain the positions of our GBV Case Workers and hope to one day expand our program and help many more women flee violence.

With your caring and generosity, you can make sure this is possible.

You can help women access housing and income support.

You can provide women who’ve experienced violence and trauma with a safe place.

You can guide women to find their community and a sense of belonging, so they no longer feel alone.

You can help give women a life free from violence by donating today.


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