Canada Day 2021

This year, we choose to acknowledge Canada Day as a day to reflect and learn more about Indigenous history and culture. We must face the truth about our country’s history and honour the children, their families, and the survivors of residential schools. The roadmap to meaningful change exists.

Use this list of resources to help you take action this Canada Day.

Wear Orange or Black in Solidarity

Honour all the children who never came home and send love and healing to all survivors. Showcase solidarity this Canada Day by wearing orange or black as we mourn the loss of 1,323 children. 

You can purchase a shirt from a local Indigenous company, Dreamcatcher Promotions


March in Solidarity

 “No Pride in Genocide” Walk & Ride for the #215+

Date: July 1, 2021

Time: 12 PM

Location: Canadian Museum of Human Rights (The Forks)

    • The walk and ride will end at Peguis Urban Reserve, 1075 Portage Avenue
    • There will be a sacred fire at the end of the walk
    • Participants will be able to smudge and be eagle fan brushed
    • Please follow all social distancing protocols: wear a mask and stay 6-feet apart

Click here for more details of the event.


Every Child Matters Walk

Date: July 1, 2021

Time: 1 PM

Location: The designated meeting point will be at the intersection of Portage Avenue and Main Street.

    • To begin there will be prayers, singing, and a moment of silence
    • The walk will begin on Main Street, continue down Broadway, and end at the Legislative Building
    • Elders will be at the Legislative Building to educate and tell stories of Indigenous culture
    • Please follow all social distancing protocols: wear a mask and stay 6-feet apart

Click here for more details of the event.


Call for Change from Elected Officials

Non-Indigenous people must be actively engaged in calling for change across Canada. Do this by writing a letter to your federal and provincial government representatives.

Actively call for these actions:

    • A forensic and independent search of all residential school properties for graves
    • To provide clean running water in all Indigenous communities

To find your MLA visit: Elections Manitoba

To find your MP visit: Our Commons

Educate yourself on Indigenous history

Find out whose land you live on.

    • There are many traditional territories and communities that served as the land’s original caretakers.
    • Visit Native Land for an interactive map.

Read the summary of the Truth and Reconciliation report.

    • The report was published over 6 years ago outlining 94 calls to action.
    • #71 to #76 calls to action are regarding missing children and burials.
      • As of 2020, only 8 calls to action have been completed

      • View the final report here.

    Research about Indigenous culture and history in your area. 


    Embrace Indigenous Culture

    Read an Indigenous Book:

    Listen to Indigenous Music:

    Watch an Indigenous Movie:

    Immerse Yourself in MB Indigenous Art:

    Order Food from a Local Indigenous Restaurant: 

    Support an Indigenous Business

      • Eat at a local Indigenous restaurant
      • Shop at a local Indigenous store
      • Visit a local Indigenous gallery

    For a comprehensive list of Indigenous businesses to support please visit the Aboriginal Chamber of Commerce website. 

    Donate to an Indigenous Organization

    Donating to an Indigenous organization helps provide ongoing trauma support to survivors of residential schools and contributes to actions regarding ongoing colonial laws, policies and institutions. 

    Donate to any of the following organizations:

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