To those who say we no longer need feminism:

The devastating shootings in Atlanta targeted Asian women because they were women and because they were Asian. This was a racist and misogynistic act and we need to stand in solidarity with Asian women across Turtle Island. We need safety, equality, and respect right now for all women and we will keep fighting for it.

Women are at risk walking outside alone. We are at risk putting their drink down in a bar. In 1989 we found out that we are at risk in our schools. And today we are reminded we are at risk in our workplaces.

We are even more at risk in all situations if we are racialized.

We are at risk for being who we are.

The hatred has to stop. The violence has to stop.

We teach women to stay off the streets and wear certain clothes to be safe. As if it’s our responsibility. As if that’s enough. Let’s start teaching men to honour us as equals and not hurt us as if we are disposable.

We stand in solidarity alongside the Asian community. Our hearts go out to the families and friends of those whose lives were taken. Please check in with your Asian friends and take care of one another.

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